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    Philosophy and commitment

    First, the "high quality products, attentive service to meet your needs" Guangdong hillo Ceramics Limited services.
    Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong hillo to customer needs as the core and guide, build customer service system, designed to meet user demand service mode,
    To customer satisfaction targets for the construction of customer service team. "Summit ceramic" Customer service system to follow the same service management standards
    Users to provide uniform nationwide quality standards of service.

    Second, the quality of commitment:

    Strong support and implementation of national "Product Quality Law", "Consumer Protection Act." T the full implementation of ISO9001 quality management
    System Certification; product design, development, production to market demand, pay attention to environmental protection, science and technology, personality, fashion and product culture.

    Third, the service commitment

    1, design and consultation: Free for home decoration consultation, recommended the construction units.
    2, order consultation: 30 minutes response scheduling delivery, to ensure on time delivery.
    3, product advice: Hotline launched products, warm, accurate, objective answers to various questions regarding the product.
    4, after-sales service:
           A, open around the customer complaints and call for service (guidance paving, etc.), if there is product quality, is a responsibility of my company, answer within 5 days, 15 days to resolve.
           B, a "customer information management system" and the callback system.
           C, the establishment of the brand service network throughout the

          Service system

          The establishment of distribution centers and customer service department, set up brand manager
          Retail channels in the distribution of customer relationship management fine, professional service for the dealer
          Full participation in the exhibition hall construction clients, advertising planning, network development,
          Conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys, establish and improve the customer profiles
          Systematic training of the dealer, and comprehensively improve the quality of dealers
          Complaints telephone hotline set up for after-sale product quality problem of special treatment,
          Strengthen sales of conventional market research and polling, perfect after-sales service
          Set up a marketing department, to establish rapid response mechanisms to respond to market changes.
          In major cities to establish and improve a large image of stores, specialty stores
          The main consumer areas of the product distribution center and warehouse Library
          Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and set up the distributor or agent.

          Service Guide

          Your application "hillo Ceramic" brand products in the process have any questions, please call and "hillo Ceramics" brand or Customer Service Centre

          Buy to contact the dealer body, we will follow strict procedures and norms of professional services for you.


        "Hillo ceramic" Customer Service Center hours are: Monday to Friday 9:00 ~ 18:00 (except national holidays).

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